Problem with materials

Hi to everybody
I’m a newby with Indico v2.3.4 and I need a quick help. I am modifying a conference created by a colleague of mine and I uploaded a bunch of pdf files in the Materials then I linked each file in the proper place within the Programme and everything works fine but for the fact that the names of the uploaded files appear at the bottom of the Overview page. This looks quite fine to me but no to the person who asked us to set up the web site of the conference who would like these names to be hidden. Is there any solution? Of course keeping the files accessible through the links in the Programme page.
Many thanks, any suggestion will be of great help.

Hi, you can create a folder and set it to hidden. Then edit the files and move/assign them to that folder.

Hi ThiefMaster
great and wonderful solution…
infinite thanks, wow, wonderful…