Problem with following the Plugins "tutorial"

I installed Indico locally inside a Ubuntu Desktop VM following these instructions:

(please note that I selected stable — not sure if I should have selected latest)

Now I am trying to follow and the first thing I see is:

su - indico
source ~/.venv/bin/activate

, but does not mention creating the indico user anywhere.

Please help.


Well you are looking at the production setup guide for plugins… that doesn’t apply to a development instance besides the part of how to enable a plugin in indico.conf and running indico db ... to create plugin table (if needed).

If you want to install our plugins, simply load the virtualenv and pip install it and enable it in the config

So no need to create and switch to the indico user, correct? Just skip this step and follow the rest of the tutorial and the Plugins should install fine inside my dev environment, correct?

Exactly, you do not need an indico user in development. Just run it as the user where you installed Indico (usually that’s your regular user).

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