PostgreSQL Permnission denied "indico db prepare"


I am having some problems connecting to an external database. During setup i added the connection string, ran the indico db prepare command and told me to install missing extensions. I added those extensions. Now running the command indico db prepare again, on the action creating tables it throws an error. Permission denied for database xxxx.

The external database is on digital ocean.

Does anyone know how to debug this, with tableplus i can connect to the db no problem.

Sounds like the database is not owned by the user specified in indico.conf. The database should be owned that user, or the user needs to have full access to that DB (but that’s more complex so ensuring the owner matches the user is much easier).


Thank you, never really used PostgreSQL. Had to read up on it before starting haha.

It was the ownership. Managed the permissions and the command is working now.

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