Popup Windows - how to close after POST?

Hi guys,

What’s the standard way in code to “auto-close” the following pop up after clicking on Save (and the POST is finished)?

I implemented a similar (Invoices) form elsewhere, and it looks pretty much identical to the Session Form one, but my form (POST just fine, but) does NOT auto-close itself after I click on Save.


Make sure to return jsonify_data() at the end of your RH’s _process method. That basically results in a JSON response that contains {"success": true} which will tell the ajaxDialog JS code to close the dialog.

PS: Usually it’s a good idea to post your code when asking questions. It often makes answering them easier (for example, if your code already contains this return value, I’d know that something else might be wrong).

Got it. Sorry @ThiefMaster, I thought this was more like a “generic” question, hence my not posting any code. Will do next time. Thanks!