Plugin structure definition

(I studied the PayPal plugin, but ) I still can’t grasp the overall “architecture” of how one defines where one’s plugin should “show up” at and under what conditions.

For example, I want to create a plugin, that’ll create and process Invoices, and I want a link to its main “page” to show up inside both the Event left-side menu (as Invoices among Settings, Timetable, Protection, Organization, etc.), and the top main menu (between Room Booking, and My Profile, for example).

Any pointers will be much appreciated!

I think I already explained it in another thread: You need to connect to the signals used to get the data for those menus. If you search for 'top-menu' and 'event-management-sidemenu' you’ll find lots of code.

Sorry @ThiefMaster - I am still confused about all this. Learning, so I might have forgotten something you’ve already explained previously. Things are probably much architecturally simpler than I am assuming, hence my struggling to grasp it all rather quickly :slight_smile: Thanks

Top menu

Event management side menu

Great reference! Thank you!