Paypal and Paypal plus


if anybody already using paypal plugin for payment. Is paypal plus also possible with the existing paypal plugin or is there a difference ?. We are check the possibilty to pay with paypal and other payment method like credit card without an paypal account.

We used the paypal plugin on one occasion. Only the seller (indico-owner ) needs to have an paypal account, users can pay via paypal wihtout an account.


No idea about paypal plus, first time I heard about it. If it uses the normal paypal APIs it should work, otherwise probably not. Contributions welcome! :slight_smile:

my data protection officer want to know which data field are used and send to paypal / paypalplugin for a payment.
As far as i see it there is only a sessiontoken, generatet by paypal api and a transation id which is generatet with information of the mailaccount / id of the payment account and the ammount of money.

You can see all the fields sent to paypal here:

Note: Since the URLs contain the registration UUIDs, theoretically someone at PayPal could access all data in the registration form (maybe we should use a separate identifier for this at some point…) by using the UUID to build the URL usually used by a user to access their registration.