Paymethod Signal

Dear all,

i´m searching for a signal wich will be triggered if a paymethod will activated.
Does such an Signal exist or can trigger this event on a other way ?

best redgards


I don’t think there is a signal for that.

Actually it is a bit unclear to me what you really want to get signalled:

  • activation fo a new payment method (that would never trigger a signal as it needs to be done in indico.config
  • Enabling of payments in an event, this needs two things:
    • enable the payment feature ( no signal for that)
    • set a price in the regform ( this you possibly catch via the event.registration_form_created and event.registration_form_edited signals
  • A user starting to use specific payment method ( these signals would need to come from the plugins, I did not see any sending a signal there.)

And for what purpose would you want this signal anyway?


Hi ,a happy new your to all,
thanks for your answer and i´m sorry for the late reply.

Maybe its better to explain you, what is my plan;
i would send a few informations about the event to another system if an Admin activates a specific payment methdod.
I thought there is an signal i can use, wich will triggered if an admin activates this paymehod.

We don’t have a signal nor code that runs on the payment plugin level when enabling it :confused:

I agree that having something there - maybe even a generic signal that runs when the payment method settings are changed on the event level (this includes enabling/disabling) or just a method called in the respective payment plugin - would be a very good idea.

Okay, than i´ll try to find another solution. thanks @ all for your fast help.
I also want to thank you for the good work you do here in the forum !

best redgards

If you sent a PR to add this, it’d probably make it into the next 2.3 patch release. :wink:

@syrap let me know if this is something you would like to look into. I think it’s a very small change - just a few lines - so it’s something nice for someone to contribute, but since it’d just take a few minutes I could just add it as well…

  • You would add a new method to the PaymentPluginMixin class, e.g. payment_event_settings_changed
  • Then you’d call this method in RHPaymentPluginEdit when saving the settings (passing the event and the form data to it).

The default implementation of the method would’t need to do anything (pass), unless you want to move saving the actual settings in there (then it’d contain the self.plugin.event_settings.set_multi(self.event, that’s currently in the RH).

@ThiefMaster that sounds very good. Maybe thats a stupid question ( i´m a python / Indico beginner ) . If i change the PaymentPluginMixin class, the next indico update would undo the change right?

that’s why you should send us a github pull request (PR) - it’s something useful that we can include in the indico core

Ah okay, cool. Than i will try it.