Payment plugin installation

Hi i’m trying to add payments to an event page, I just installed indico-plugins and inside my indico.conf file on the last row I have inserted;

PLUGINS = {'payment_manual', 'payment_paypal'}

I have restarted services but don’t see any payment option in the manage event page. I see “payments” under “organization” but that’s only showing cancellation conditions.

Kindly assist

On the registration management page there should be an option to enable the payment feature; alternatively go to management → advanced options → features in the event and enable the “payment” feature there

I now have plugin tab on the menu, now i’m wondering the easiest way to introduce a payment option other than paypal or the ones listed to my event page. I have the code in javascript. Any advice?

JS code won’t help. You’d need to develop your own plugin and implement the interface to your payment provider in Python.

Let me be frank: If you are not experienced with Python web development, attempting to write your own payment plugin will NOT be a pleasant task. You may want to consider paying someone with the necessary experience to do it for you.

I recommend having a look e.g. at the paypal or sixplay plugin to see how it’s done.

Kindly do share the links, can’t find in the docs