Participants name in the room booking

Dear all,
is it possible to insert the names of people in a room booking who are not registered ti Indico? The same way like at the timetable, for example?

At the moment we handle it like that:

Is there any other possibility to insert the name of up to 6 participants’ names?

No. I’m curious what your usecase is: The room booking module is not meant to hold a list of everyone who’s in the room. It’s just a single person who the booking has been made for (often that’s the person who created it). And since that person can manage the booking it makes sense that they must have an Indico account…

Thank you for your reply. We use the room booking module for our seminar rooms as well as for our guest offices where participants can work after the talks and discussions. We allocate the offices before the workshops starts. Also we print out a list with the guest office numbers and the participants’ names, so everone can find his or her colleagues. At the moment we generate the lists in Excel, but we try to find a easier way to work it out with Indico.

that sounds more like a usecase for creating an indico event and not using ‘only’ roombooking

Okay. Maybe we should write the office number in the registration form and drag the list out of it.