Participants menu entry in 2.1

I just tested the latest master with the new roles/participants handling.
What I find a bit unclear are the parts (in the backend) ‘Registrants’ that now seems to show only the first registration form, while all registration forms are now located under ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Registration’.

We now use multiple registration forms to e.g. handle early bird and speakers separately.
And in the list of participants, only participnats with a role show up, not ordinary registred user?
Is this really intended?

Registration being under Advanced was always the case - for lectures/meetings, since it’s very common there to just use one form (which can be quickly created in the “Participants” menu. So nothing changed there.

The new “List of Participants” in management (better name suggestions are very welcome btw, it’s a bit misleading since there’s also “Participants” for the registration in lectures/meetings) indeed shows only people who also have some other role. I remember discussing this a bit since I found it strange at first as well, but if you have a large event with hundreds or thousands of registrants you might indeed only care about those who have a role. Because in that particular case you want to quickly see if e.g. your speakers are registered. Again, this might be less unexpected with a better name instead of “List of Participants”.

Hmm, a better name is actually quite hard. maybe
’Active participants’ but thats also not really nice. Or maybe
’Roles Overview’ ?

Side note: If you add a contribution with manually added speaker in the time table, the warning displayed still has ‘Roles page’

Also a bit confusing because “Roles” is already the page where you manage the new event roles (basically event-scoped groups of users)

Or if we keep List of Participants, how about another filter ‘Users without Role’ , that is initially disabled?

I think it’d be nice to have an overview of all “users” in the event, including participants. However, that will make the list unusable for larger events. I would wait until we have better client-side handling of large lists (I hope we can squeeze it into 2.3 or 2.4).