Participant role clone problem

I’m not sure it’s a bug, so I will like to know you experience.

When I clone a event where they are a Pariticpant Role and Permission for Participant role, the permission of the participant role is indeed cloned, but the Participant role isn’t.

Is this a bug or a feature ?

If it’s a bug I can create a issue on github


So the permission points to the role from the previous event? Yes, that’s clear a bug then…

Well it’s complicate for me to test the actual acl (permission) because I’m admin of the indico, so I got all the rights.
But yes on the admin interface of the event inside «Event protection» the role appear with the same name, same right as the original event. But inside the «Advanced Options/Roles setup» is empty.

I don’t know if the actuel acl does.


Will be fixed during the next few days in 2.2.3 (we have a few other fixes for that version anyway).