Partial participant list & create participant PDF without going through UI

Dear Indico community,
we are currently hosting a signature campaign to the European Parliament via indico at

and have by now more than 3500 participants. Since the standard php participant list wants to load ALL participants at once it eats away resources and I had to disable it.

  1. Is there a quick fix that the participant page can be ordered alhapbetically, such that only all last names starting with A are shown by default and then one can choose a letter of interest? Or do I have to write my own php for that?

  2. Is there a way to generate “manually” a PDF list of participants without having to go through the participants UI, which is overburdened when selecting all 3500 participants for export.

Thank you for your input,

You can extract the information directly from the database, using the indico shell command. We can let you know what to do if you tell us which fields you’d like to extract.