Paper Reviewing

I want to understand how the paper reviewing works. I don’t get to see the abstracts submitted under the assign paper module under the paper reviewing module. How can I see the abstracts submitted under the page: localhost://event/{id}/manage/papers/assignment-list/


Paper reviewing happens at a much later stage: After the abstract got accepted and turned into a contribution.

Thank you. Now the golden question is when an abstract is accepted will it turn into a contribution automatically? Also, I want to know if its possible to allow the submitter make corrections after an abstract has been submitted and you don’t want to accept or reject rather, request for modification?

  • Accepting an abstract creates a contribution; from that point on the abstract becomes read-only
  • You can configure (in the :gear: menu on the Contributions management page) whether the people with submission rights on the contribution can also edit some of its basic information. It’s off by default.
  • You could use comments to ask for changes to the abstract.

I can’t find the Contributions management page. Also, I saw that once the abstract is submitted, it came to the paper reviewing page but the state is not submitted. What i’m asking is if someone submits an abstract and before accepting it, I want to notify the submitter to make some corrections. You said I should use the comment session but the issue is I need to select the state first.

You can find the settings on the Contributions page :slight_smile: (manage/contributions)


As for the second question, you can leave a comment on an abstract without accepting/rejecting it. If you want it to be visible to the author, you will also need to enable Allow contributors in comments in the Reviewing settings under the Call for abstracts tab.

Great, I have gotten the abstract modification part. The last thing why is the state for this submitted and accepted abstract still not submitted?

“Invited abstract” means that the person you invited to submit the abstract gets an email and they have to fill in / modify the abstract you invited them to submit. Only after they did that, the change will change to submitted

Thank you.