Paging Table anywhere in Indico?

I am using the Sessions table to create an Invoice table for my Plugin.

I noticed that there seems to be no paging logic for this table :frowning: My Invoices table could grow to 10s of thousands of items, so I need something that pages. Is there any such thing somewhere in Indico that I can adopt/copy from?


We don’t have much pagination yet but the one place where we do have it is for viewing the contents of a category. So have a look there!

Great! Where would I find this in the side menu? :frowning: Sorry… tried looking around to no avail.

category management -> content

I meant to say that I don’t even know where Category Management is :frowning: Sorry :frowning:

go to any category (if you don’t have any: the main page of indico is the home category page) and click the edit button in the menu there (near the blue “create event” button)

Found it. Thanks @ThiefMaster !