Option to clone survey when cloning event


We disabled the buttons / options to create a new event and only want to give the employes the option to clone the event. The only problem is, that the template surveys don´t get cloned / there is no option to clone the surveys


Indeed, it’s currently not possible - but we do want to add it back at some point.


Is there a timeline / roadmap, you update regulary for new features like that if the feature get integrated ?


Usually the next 2.x release after it has been developed (so if someone contributes it to the project, chances are good it’ll be there earlier).

But if you are interested in a feature and do not want to contribute code, feel free to upvote (:+1: reaction) the GitHub issue and/or leave a comment mentioning why it’d be useful for you - while this particular feature is kind of lower priority for us (especially since people can import/export surveys regardless of cloning), the more people are asking for a feature the more interesting it becomes for us.