Not receiving any indico emails


I have just migrated to 2.0 and have setup postfix on the new server. Tested and it seems to be working fine, but then when i try sending using Indico, no emails are coming through.


Is Celery running? Can you confirm that the emails ever reach your Postfix server?

Yes Celery is running and I have tested postfix and its sending out emails.

I mean the emails from Indico - i.e. perform an action that sends an email, and then check if postfix receives that one. A good place to test it is either sending an event reminder immediately or emailing a registrant in an event. Both actions should also show up in the event log (if the envelope icon there is green it means it was successfully sent to the mail server).

Okay I have sent a reminder but how do i check if postfix has received it ?

First of all check if the envelope is green in the event log. If it’s yellow it was not processed by Celery yet and if it’s red then sending it to the mail server failed (and indico.log would have useful information on why that happened).

Then, check the log files of postfix (usually in /var/log/, often named mail.log, maillog, or something like that).

Alright I have checked and its yellow and says pending

OK, check indico.log and celery.log; there should be something about emails in there. Yellow means that it either failed but still retrying (before assuming it cannot be sent at all and switching to a red icon), OR that celery isn’t actually doing anything (how did you check that celery is running?)

I used the line systemct1 status indico-celery.service

Can I see the output? Also, check ps aux | grep celery just in case.

Please update to the latest version of Indico.

If for some reason you cannot do that, you can run this as a workaround: pip install 'kombu==4.1.0'
After running this, do systemctl restart indico-celery.service

Thanks very much. The emails are not coming through…

Is celery running fine now? Then emails should be working…

Yes it running fine and the emails are now working… Thanks very much