Noindex metatag

Hi there!

I need to avoid the indexing of certain events by inserting a metatag like the following:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Where should be it placed??? is it viable?

Thanks for your replies.

Would be rather hard (the root template would need replacement). Maybe use an access restricted event altogether instead.

With the google changes to robots.txt parsing [1] this may be a needed extension ( a flag on event/category to set this meta header).

[1] Google on robots.txt and noindex meta tags

Would be interesting to know what’s your usecase for not indexing certain events even though they are public.

But yeah, robots.txt sounds like a good alternative, and since you can use the webserver-level alias to serve it from a different location it’d be easy to use a custom one instead of the one that ships with Indico.

Thank you for your replies.
In our case we would like to index only public events. Unfortunately, having a directive “disallow: /” in robots.txt is not enough to avoid indexing by Google; if there is a link from an external indexed page to an specific event, Google ignores the disallow directive and indexes the page of the event from such external source. Of course, external sources are not under our control.
So yes, what Mr. bpedersen2 said makes perfect sense, should be great to have the granularity to define if an event can be indexed or not.

Should possible by amending modules/events/ and the template in web/templates/meta.html ( maybe event.effective_protection_mode could be used to decide it a noindex meta header is added?)