No_reply email: GUI settting versus indico.conf

  • Indico version v3.2.6
  • no_reply_email: indico.conf versus GUI settings

In brief: my indico.conf has an email address, (as an example - “acc” since there are different environments)
But, when I verify ~/admin/settings/ the ‘No-reply email’ does not reflect the address from the configuration file. Instead, I see
Is the indico.conf not taken into account ?
Any feedback would be much appreciated.

p v dabbeele

did you restart indico-uwsgi.service?

Thanks for the reply.
The issue seems somewhat more complicated than at first estimated.
I am looking for a way (if at all possible) to enforce a “reply to” address when sending reminders, possibly in:
Maybe by replacing:
reply_to_address = SelectField(_(‘Sender’) …
with something similar to:
reply_to_address = config.NO_REPLY_EMAIL …

much appreciated.