New USER problems


At my Indico account i had an BOT that registered an account and have created false events in one public category.

How can this be avoided?

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We may support requiring some kind of CAPTCHA during signup in a future version.

For now, the only workarounds are:

  • requiring manual approval of accounts
  • using SSO to login (but if everyone can create accounts, spammers may still abuse it)
  • making sure random users who create an indico account CANNOT create events

For the last point, you would do this by creating a group and adding all users that should have event permissions in there, and then restricting event creation in your categories and only allowing members of that group to create events.

Thanks for your answer.

But how can i setup that random users can’t create events?

And is there a way to list all Indico accounts in the web interface?

Check the category protection settings.

Not directly, but searching for @ in the email field (exact match disabled) should do the job.