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Dear Indico-Team,

Thank you very much for the 3.3.1 Indico update. Now we like to work with the new check-in app/webpage, unfortuantely, it doesn’t like to scan the qr-codes of our events.
Please give me some advice on what we can do.
Thank you in advance,

are you getting any errors? which QR code isn’t working for you? the setup code or the ticket code of a participant?

There are no errores, it just don’t work. I open the link for the new check-in page and the iPad camera, but it won’t do something. It’s with both, the setup code and the ticket code.

Hi Barbara,

Do you have this issue only with the iPad or also other devices?

Hi Tomas,

Just with the iPad. I tried it with my private cellphone (Android) for fun and it worked well. But it’s important that is workes with the institute’s iPads.

Ok, I have an older iPad here to test with, I’ll see if I can figure out the cause

Do you also happen to know what model of iPad you have?

It’s an iPad 9. I hope it’s not too old.

I looks like the issue shows up only at one of our iPads. The other two are working now. I started an update if the one that doesn’t work and wait…
But on the other two iPads, when I click on any participant, I got the following information:
Something went wrong when updating participant Response status: 500
How can we solve this?

If you get a 500 error, please check indico.log on the server for the exception and traceback.

Thank you Tomas for your quick reply. We will check this with our IT manager next week.

Dear all,
Finally, we have solved the Error 500. The reason were some labels/text fields in our registration form.

We disabled them for the upcoming event o that we can carry out a smooth check-in.

Can you please get the error from indico.log? If anything in the regform can cause a 500 error that’s a bug we want to fix, but right now we have no idea what’s causing it. The error message and traceback would help A LOT.

Edit: Thanks for sending me the traceback privately. Just for completeness, here’s the same traceback when reproducing it on my own instance:

  File "/home/adrian/dev/indico/py3/src/indico/modules/events/registration/controllers/api/", line 106, in _process_GET
    return CheckinRegistrationSchema().jsonify(self.registration)
  File "/home/adrian/dev/indico/py3/env-312/lib/python3.12/site-packages/flask_marshmallow/", line 40, in jsonify
    data = self.dump(obj, many=many)
  File "/home/adrian/dev/indico/py3/env-312/lib/python3.12/site-packages/marshmallow/", line 549, in dump
    result = self._serialize(processed_obj, many=many)
  File "/home/adrian/dev/indico/py3/env-312/lib/python3.12/site-packages/marshmallow/", line 517, in _serialize
    value = field_obj.serialize(attr_name, obj, accessor=self.get_attribute)
  File "/home/adrian/dev/indico/py3/env-312/lib/python3.12/site-packages/marshmallow/", line 340, in serialize
    return self._serialize(value, attr, obj, **kwargs)
  File "/home/adrian/dev/indico/py3/env-312/lib/python3.12/site-packages/marshmallow/", line 1983, in _serialize
    return self._serialize_method(obj)
  File "/home/adrian/dev/indico/py3/src/indico/modules/events/registration/", line 115, in _get_registration_data
    'data': reg_data[field['htmlName']],
KeyError: 'htmlName'

Hi Barbara,

The issue happens when you try to access a registration which includes labels. We’re currently not handling labels correctly when exporting the data.

We’re working on a fix: Do not include labels in registration details by tomasr8 · Pull Request #6326 · indico/indico · GitHub

As a workaround which you already mentioned is to simply disable the labels :slight_smile:

Hi Tomas,

Thank you very much for your quick reply.
I will revise our registration forms for the events until end of this year. I think, we can live without the labels :slight_smile: and replace other text fields for example.
A big thank you to you and Adrian for your always good advice and help.

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I think if you do it for events within the next few weeks it’s fine. The fix is already merged and will be included in the v3.3.3 release (which I expect to happen later this month), or your system admin could easily backport it to your current version.

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Wow! Great to hear.
Thank you!