Need help upgrading indico from 1.2->3


we have indico 1.2 server. I need to upgrade my Indico from 1.2 to 3.0. The first step which I do is to upgrade 1.2 ->2.0. As we have ourown developed plugins, i.e. SSO login account, e-payment and vidyo plugins etc. when I run indico_migration (1.2->2.0), it shows errors.
The SSO accounts are not correct in 2.0, they are not external accounts and some info missing.
For e-payment plugin, it shows the following errors.
regform Error processing transaction data of ‘86’: Unknown transaction type: TransactioniPayEasy

For PayPal error, I get the errors in the attachment.

My question, is it possible that read the data from 1.2 and write them to 3.0 by writing SQL statements?

Thanks a lot,

bets regrads,

  • SSO: What exactly is the problem - e.g. what info is missing/?
  • Custom payment modules: You need to modify the migration script here to handle them.
  • PayPal error: Sounds like there’s some bad data. You can add code here to handle it and e.g. set it to 0 (or print/log it to see what exactly the field contains).
  • SQL: Indico v1 does not use SQL, so no, that’s not possible.

How to export data from ZODB to a file ? i.e. CSV file ?
and import data to postgresql ?

That’s not really possible without spending (wasting?) significant time - check the code of indico-migrate.

Exporting it to a “generic” format like CSV or JSON would be even more complicated than copying it directly into an Indico 2.0 database (and the indico-migrate code is already quite messy due to all the special edge cases in the legacy DB).