Multiple registration fees

Happy New Year!

Is there any way one can have a Registration Form that offers multiple registration fees? Ideally, the registration fees will be a function of some drop down selection (or similar) as in this screenshot:

(Ignore the 0.00 fees in the above example, as this is only a demo site. In the real case, the 0.00 will contain different fee amounts)



unfortunately it is not possible out of the box. As far as I know some people work around this by having multiple registration forms with different base price.


If you don’t need this two-level nesting from your screenshot, you could just use a single dropdown field for the different price choices (each option can be marked as billable with different prices).


Great idea. Thanks, @ThiefMaster !

Or, like we have done here, use different reg-forms for early-bird/regular, late etc…
Then only currently available options will show up.


Got it. Thank you @bpedersen2!