Modifying text of the automatic e-mails

Dear colleagues,

In the registration form the applicant receive an automatic e-mail saying:

"Dear X,

Thank you! Your registration for the event Y (dd/mm/yy to dd/mm/yy) has been received."

I want to change this text. How can I do it?

Thank you for help!

Best wishes,


there are 2 ways to influence the mail content:

  1. easy: In the registration form ‘general settings’ you can add text to this mail (The main part will still be the same.
  2. advanced: Use the override templates for the emails (should be custom/core/events/registration/emails/registration_creation_to_registrant.html to override the text. If you only need it for a single conference then you need to use conditionals in the template.
    {% extends "~events/registration/emails/registration_creation_to_registrant.html" %}
    {%- if event.type == 'lecture' %}  (or use any other event field, e.g. the id)
    {% block body %}
    <your content here>
    {%- endblock %}
    {%- endif %}

See the Jinja2 doc for further details on how to write the template.

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Dear Bjorn,

Thank you. Do I understand correctly that events type “lecture” would be affected? Can I modify just the event named X?
When we create an event, there should be a log file somewhere right?

Thanks again.
Best wishes,

Sorry for the unnecessary question. I see that we can use the Id of the event. I believe that this procedure is safe and does not break any other event, right?

Correct, you can selectivly apply changes here ( but if you need it often then it will become unhandy of course).

Dear Bjorn,

The computing management of my institute will not make such modification because it might bring problems with other events if something breaks (e.g., after a new update).
I would like to suggest the inclusion in the list of fields that can be personalised by the user, instead making changes in the hard code.
(My option left is basically run with the automatic e-mail and then insert text contradicting what is in the “hard text”. Not good).

Thank you very much for your efforts.

Best wishes,


well, changing that is some work and will probably not happen too soon.
But what would you really like to achieve, as the default text is always ‘correct’ ( the registration has been received by the system)?

Hi Bjorn,

People that apply for a Grant, or need a Visa, should fill the forms. the automatic e-mail says:

Dear X,

Thank you! Your registration for the event YYYY (date and time) has been received.
(followed by the information filled in the form, name, affiliation, e-mail, etc)

You may believe that some people think they are registered in the event, by applying for a Grant or an invitation letter…

It would be much simpler if the automatic text could be personalised e.g.
Dear X,

Thank you! You have applied for a Grant to participate in the event YYYY (date and time).