Modifying Indico code to allow call for paper without call for abstract

Hi everybody,

I want to modify the Indico code to allow the conferences to start with a call for papers without a call for abstracts, but I have limited time to complete this modification. And as you know, the Indico project has a huge number of code lines so, it required a long time to check most of the codes.

So, I wish if there’s one of the Indico developers here to tell me which module of Indico that responsible to allow the “call for papers” to appear for the submitters or what is the way to do that.
By the way, I know that Indico requires the abstract to be accepted to allow the author/submitter to submit a paper.

Any help will be really appreciated.
Thank you in advance

What you are asking for is not really possible, exactly because of what you mentioned: The paper-related features work on contributions, but contributions do not exist unless a manager creates them (either directly or via the Call of Abstracts feature).

The only halfway decent workaround I could imagine would be writing a plugin (it’s better than doing this in the Indico core!) that exposes a “Submit new Paper” style page with just the upload field and the information needed to create a contribution, and when the user submits that it would immediately create the contribution and upload the Paper for it.

However, if you end up not accepting it in the end you’d need to delete it - there’s no judgment option that would automatically do that (in CfA the contribution would only be created when the abstract gets accepted).

Thank you very much for your answer