Modification key in indico 2.0?

Does indico 2.0 support modification key ? Our indico user asked us and we cannot find how to set/use modification key in indico 2.0.

Modification keys have been removed in 2.0.

  • They were insecure, since using one gave you management access without even being logged in
  • Any chances done using a modification key were not traceable because of that
  • People usually used extremely insecure modification keys. I’m talking about things like 1234, basically anything you could find in a “top 100 most common bad passwords” list.

The recommendation for your user is to ensure people who need management rights have an Indico account, and to add them as managers in the event’s ACL (“Protection” page).

Thank you. I see it.

By the way, although we do not intended it now, is it possible to require the manual activation by the indico administrators when the account registration was done ?
(I set it in indico 0.99, but I forgot how to do so…)

(email sent to indico admin.)

Subject: New account request from Foo Bar
Dear Administrator,
Foo Bar has created a new account in Indico.
In order to activate it, please go to this URL:

(Then click activation button in the URL)

Yes, you can enale this in indico.conf:

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