Missing workshop at MAXIV

A user asked me why he cannot open an old link to a workshop we had at MAXIV on May 2019.
I navigate in the calendar and of course the workshop is not there but the user send me the link and I suppose we created it at one point…
There are just a few workshops and this is not normal, maybe a user deleted but I’m not 100% sure
Any suggestion?
Alberto Nardella

Yes, just like the error message indicates, someone (event/category manager) deleted the event.

Someone with shell access to the server can run indico event restore 979 to undelete the event.

It works, thank you very much

Just another question,
There is a way to list all the deleted events in a period and who deleted them?

Event.query.filter_by(is_deleted=True).all() in indico shell.

For each deleted event, the latest log entry should be about its deletion, so event.log_entries[-1].user would contain the user that deleted it.