Missing image after fresh install

Hi everyone,

I am new to Indico and I am currently installing a test server on a VMWare Vsphere vm.
I have followed the installation process (CentOS / nginx) and the server is running gracefully.

Unfortunatly, most of the default images (such as the /images/logo_indico_bw.png or /images/logo_indico.png) are not found. I am also not sure that all the css fils are properly loaded.
However, images added to a room or an event are correctly displayed.

Do you have any idea ?
Thank you


Sounds like you used the ‘latest’ docs instead of ‘stable’. The webserver aliases are different between those (latest is for 2.2+). Please use the webserver config from the ‘stable’ docs and it should work.


Indeed, it works better !
I’m feeling a bit stupid now :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.