Missing event reappear

something strange happened to an event. The user said he cannot find it, I checked and I got a 404 event not found. Then I run the command to show the deleted events in the indico shell and it wasn’t in the list. Then I opened the link again and it worked…
Now the user says that there are only 2 attachments and there were 5 before!
We are runnig a indico v2.3.5 (I know that we should upgrade but I had and have no time to do it )
Do you have any suggestion? Is it possible that the attachments are now orphan? How can I see if there are attachments without events? Is there any log to trace the actions on an event?
Alberto Nardella

Very weird… Check the event log in the event’s management area.

I have no event’s management area or Log in the amdin interface… maybe because the version we use is 2.3.5 and you introduced it in the version 3?

No, this exists since a long time. Go to the management area of the event and open the “Reports” menu (it may be collapsed). There you have the link to the event’s log…