Mercanet Payment from BNP


I would like to know if a plugin is available to use the mercanet API from BNP to allow credit card payment. It seems that mercanet can use post request or json request or soap request according to the documentation.

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AFAIK such a plugin does not exist; you would have to develop one yourself.

If you end up doing this, I would recommend using their JSON API since SOAP usually adds lots of overhead and complexity.

Thanks. According to your experience, to develop a simple plugin for payment that make a post request or send json data with price… it’s better to start following the or to use an existing plugin such as the bank transfert plugin.

The payment_manual (“Bank Transfer”) plugin is not a good idea since it has zero integration with an actual external service.

I would recommend having a look at our payment_paypal plugin instead.

Thank. Where the variable payment_method is defined ?
It appears here:
You need to pay €100.00 for your registration. You can pay using PayPal inside ./indico/modules/events/payment/templates/event_checkout.html:

You can pay using {{ payment_method }}.


You can edit it in the payment method settings of the event. IIRC. you can also edit it in the admin area (plugin settings) to set the default.

Great ! Thanks for your quick response.
Is there any explanation about the paypal plugin ? I have to treat the mercanet response. It’s seems that I need to modify the That’s right ?

Do you know if it’s secure to write the secret key (for seal) inside the ?


no. don’t put secrets in code. you can use settings for this (see how the PayPal account name is configured for example)

If I understand the idea is to put it inside the administration panel inside the payment plugin settings.

yes, exactly this…