Menu colour change

Hi Adrian, trust you’re doing great? Please in which files and location can I change the css(customize) my indico menus. Thanks


If it’s just for one event, you can upload a custom CSS stylesheet in the event’s management are (under “Layout”).

If you want it globally, you’d either need to create a plugin that provides a custom conference theme, or use the global customization feature to add a CSS that’s applied globally.

Well appreciated. But from the sample css i’m looking at, it seems if I change one class it’s all going to be affected. How do I change the color for example just ‘Pay’ button, by creating a separate id or class for it to change. Any advice please?

You need to find a CSS selector that matches it. Use the browser’s dev tools to look at the structure and existing IDs/classes. For example, the “Checkout” button has class="action-button js-check-conditions" so you could use .js-check-conditions in a CSS rule.

Note: We make absolutely no guarantees about those classes and the DOM structure, so they can change even in minor upgrades.