Meeting participant check-in



I have seen a video on you tube where is used a QR codes on the event ticket to perform the check-in of meeting participants.
How can I implement such functionality?. What do I need?.
Thank in advance,



Hi David,
You are probably referring to a plugin implemented for indico at Cern in order to give access to Cern site for event participants. The participants get badges with QR codes that are scanned at Cern entrance.
We use a CERN specific plugin for it:

You could probably implement something similar.


It’s actually not necessary to use the cern plugin for that.

There are 2 things involved:

  1. Just add the QR-code to the ticket (via ticket designer)
  2. Install the indico-checkin app on e.g. a smartphone and use it to scan the QR-code


There’s also the config step, which can be done from the registration form’s management page.


Thank you all for your guidance. I’ll get on with it, immediately.


How do you add an event in the indico check-in app?


Scan the QR code shown in the management area (registration form management, next to the button to configure ticketing)