Max tries for sending email

Hello, is there any way to lower the number of unsuccessful email resend attempts? I found the variable on github as MAX_TRIES but did not found any other way in conf file.

No, there isn’t an option for this. Any reason why you need this?

The idea of this feature is that if the mail server is unreachable, emails aren’t lost. In case of an invalid email address that slipped through validation, it’s still discarded after the 10 attempts.

The reason is minimalization of bounced emails (due to wrong email addresses). As of lately we had some problems with AWS SES and spam emails so we are trying to do anything we can to slowly get indico emails out of spam folder.

I’m very surprised that you are getting bounces. We only retry if we get an error code directly from the mail server during the SMTP session (or the connection fails altogether) - but AFAIK a failure at this time should never result in a bounced mail (since the client gets the error immediately anyway).

Maybe I misunderstood everything altogether. Thank you for your explanation.