Material package not coherent with timetable in meeting

we have found a strange behavior on an a meeting event on our Indico installation v3.2.8.
The event has been cloned from another event, which in turn has been cloned from antoher event and so on for a few times. Then it has been modified starting from the last clone.
Now, the user who manages this events, just reported us that the material package is not coherent with the materials present on the current timetable. In particular, it seems that there are some missing files or files with different names, and there are old replicas of the folder with the name of the event being “truncated”.

I see there is a similar bug which has been fixed with v3.2.9.
Does this solve this kind of issue also for meeting events?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

I really suggest to update and try it. Saves time on our side trying to understand what could be causing that error (especially with a somewhat vague description), and on your side trying to get more (and less vague) details from the user…