Mass operations on multiple users

Sorry if this is not a properly categorized question :flushed:

Is there some kind of “admin” page in Indico that would allow one to “mass” create/delete/edit/etc. multiple users at once?


Nope. We don’t support (hard-)deleting users as they may be linked to many different things.

Not sure about creating/editing, how would you provide the data for this? Maybe you could explain what kind of edits you had in mind?

Actually, I am looking for something of a Reporting page, no so much a way to mass modify users’ data.

And inside this “Reporting” page, I’d have a grid, of sorts, on which I can select a subset of users and click on, for example, “Send email”

Nope, we don’t have this functionality in Indico. Never really had the need for it to be honest. Usually contacting users happens in the context of an event (where they are registered, speakers, etc.) but not on a global scope.

Do you think this is doable via a plugin? I can create a simple plugin that displays a couple of drop downs that allow one to select a specific event, that then will show all the registered users in a grid, that can then be manipulated the way I described above. Sound like a good practice way of approaching it? Thanks

For users registered in an event we already have this functionality. Go to the management area and the list of registrations. There you can select the users and email them.

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Great. Thank you, @ThiefMaster !!