Marking registration as paid


My question.

I have a bank Transfer plugin where I display bank details to the customer, along with the amount, and issue an invoice.

I have not been paid yet, and registration page says ‘not paid’

Is there a way within indico to allow me to mark the registration ‘as paid’ once my accounts department tell me they have received payment?

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Yes, simply view the registration and click “mark as paid”.

nowhere on my reg form display allows that - modify doesn’t give me the option?
am i missing something? I have a summary details section ans the 'invoice section that says ‘not paid’ which allows me to go to the bank transfer plugin again etc. but not changing the status of payment.

Are you in the management area?

Um - I have made myself a manager and have tried again. I am now in the management area and been trough every screen and canot see where I can modify it - i must be going mad???

  1. Management area of the event
  2. Registration
  3. Registrations
  4. Specific Registration (click full name of a registrant)
  5. There should be a button Mark as paid like the one below

OH - There LOL!!!

Thanks mate - i just couldn’t find it.

Will buy you a beer if i manage to make the Forum next year!!