Mapping Plugin link (routes) inside Indico's menus

Hi guys!

How/where does one “define” the functional links to a plugin and where to show these inside one of Indico’s menus?


Which menu? But usually you use the signal for it. Make sure to specify the correct sender to put your item in the correct menu (e.g. 'event-management-sidemenu' or 'admin-sidemenu')

I want to add a simple link (Invoices) next to “Create Event” inside the menu toolbar (class=“global-menu toolbar”).

You need the top-menu sender in this case, and return a TopMenuItem instance from the signal handler. Searching for that should give you some examples; there’s also at least one plugin in the indico-plugins-cern repo using that particular signal so you can find example code there as well.

I think this is what I need, correct? :slight_smile:

Yes, just omit the section arg (unless you want it nested inside a “Services” menu) and use your own name, title and endpoint.

Got it. What is a Services menu?

It’s simply a menu item labelled “Services” that expands and shows options inside:


By default it’s hidden since it only has entries if you have some plugin adding something there.

Got it. Thanks you (as always) @ThiefMaster!