Mapping Personal Data Processing in Indico: Request for Overview and Flow Illustration


Is there a process map or chart that describes the flow from when a user creates an account and how it’s linked in the indico? The reason of this is because of our jurisdiction officer wants a clearer view on how personal data i stored and how it’s used in the system.

Best regards

No, such a chart does not exist.

Maybe you find the RoPO we use for CERN’s Indico instance useful though. Note, however, that CERN is not subject go GDPR but has its own (very similar to GDPR) privacy legislation. It may nonetheless by useful to understand how Indico is handling data from users.

This only covers the data Indico itself needs, because in our case the event-specific date (e.g. related to users registering to participant in an event) is handled by the event organizers (who are the data controllers for it).

Thank you for you fast reply and the link.