Main page not showing after installation

I’ve finished the installation of Indico with the wizard but when i try to access to the apache server, the main page of indico is not showing up. Is https mandatory? Or could it work with http?
Here’s my configuration:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName indico
    DocumentRoot /var/www/indico
    CustomLog /opt/indico/log/apache/access.log combined
    ErrorLog /opt/indico/log/apache/error.log
    XSendFile on
    XSendFilePath /opt/indico
    LogLevel error
    ServerSignature Off

    AliasMatch "^/(images|fonts)(.*)/(.+?)(__v[0-9a-f]+)?\.([^.]+)$" "/opt/indico/web/static/$1$2/$3.$5"
    AliasMatch "^/(css|dist|images|fonts)/(.*)$" "/opt/indico/web/static/$1/$2"
    Alias /robots.txt /opt/indico/web/static/robots.txt

    SetEnv UWSGI_SCHEME https
    <Directory /opt/indico>
        AllowOverride None
        Require all granted

If you set HTTPS as scheme, then yes, it is mandatory. You want http here.
But unless it is a private test installation, I would strongly recommend to use https only.

^ This.

We do not test running Indico without HTTPS. For a dev setup where you access it only via localhost it’s OK of course, for anything else I’d say HTTPS is a must.

And in fact, browsers start restricting new features to work only in a secure context (HTTPS or localhost). Even though I don’t think we use any of these features so far…