Mail to an Indico group


Is it possible to send an email to an Indico group? If not, it would be a great feature to add!



currently that’s not possible, but next year we’ll have someone work on moving local groups to the category level (instead of being global) - i think that could be a good opportunity to add mailing functionality there as well

It’s a good thing that groups will be managed locally (by category managers, I guess).

But I think the email function will be problematic for some Indico servers. More and more email servers refuse to accept sender addresses that do not belong to the domain of the Indico server. (E.g. tries to send from

On the other hand, Indico servers using LDAP groups should rely on the LDAP system to feed the same groups also to an appropriate email server system. However, this will not work for local groups any more.

Are you planning to keep both, global (i.e. LDAP-defined in the case of CERN-equivalent installations) and local (i.e. per-category) groups?

Yes, that’s the idea - for a given event you’d have access to all the groups defined in parent categories.

I think the solution for that is to always use a default (noreply) sender email address and only letting the user specify the reply-to address. The only problem there would be if you have a mailing list that has sender restrictions… but the email of an indico user shouldn’t be a mailing list anyway, so probably not an issue here.

Hello @ThiefMaster, let me come back to this question:

We just tried to send an email from (I added you as manager.) We used two addresses, which are not domain ( and, but which I do not fully expose here). Both of them went through and were delivered without problem.
Can you explain how you set up the Indico mail configuration properly to be accepted with out-of-domain sender addresses?