List of abstract export to Excel/CSV


I am trying to create a list of abstracts in order to generate output for passing to an external publisher for producing a book of abstracts.

On the Organization > Call for Abstracts > List of Abstracts page, I see that it is possible to filter abstracts and then export them as PDF, CSV, XLSX, JSON. It seems like a good place if I want to create a CSV list of abstracts to pass on for further formatting.

However, only the PDF and JSON formats include the actual text of the abstract, the CSV and XLSX formats just give a table of what is filtered (kind of WYSIWYG) but does not actually include the text of the abstract.
Is this intended behaviour?

In other words, if I want to create a spreadsheet to be passed to an external publisher, do I have to export as JSON and convert JSON to CSV?

Thanks again!



Yes, it’s intended not to include the abstract content in the CSV and XLSX formats. Normally spreadsheet files are meant to have short data in each column and the content of an abstract might be too large and contain several line breaks that would make it not very readable. For your purpose I think the JSON format would fit much better. However, if you only have the option of passing a CSV file to your publisher I’m afraid you’ll have to do the conversion.

Hope this helps.


Hi Marco!

Thanks for the quick reply!

I am having to work through a lot of people “in between” me and the publisher – some of them won’t even forward the JSON file to the publishers because they can’t open it themselves and thought it would be confusing, so I had to try to use a file format that the person in between can also access. But I see your point, it is not a problem for me to make the conversion, and it becomes clear that I should try to be more involved in the discussions with the publishers!