LDAP authentication

I am try to use indico first time. I was able to install and login using local user. But I am not able to create LDAP authentication. I have followed the doc and did the following

  1. pip install Flask-Multipass //first giving error but got install after dependency installed
  2. vim /opt/indico/etc/indico.conf

//added the ldap conf

_ldap_config = {
    'uri': 'ldap://10.X.X.X',
    'bind_dn': 'cn=XXXXX,dc=tifrh,dc=res,dc=in',
    'bind_password': 'XXXXXXXXX',
    'timeout': 30,
    'verify_cert': False,
    'page_size': 1500,
    'uid': 'uid',
    'user_base': 'ou=TIFRH,dc=tifrh,dc=res,dc=in',
    'user_filter': '(uid=*)',
    'gid': 'gid',
    'group_base': 'ou=Group,dc=tifrh,dc=res,dc=in',
    'group_filter': '(uid=*)',
    'member_of_attr': 'memberOf',
    'ad_group_style': False

    'ldap': {
        'type': 'ldap',
        'title': 'Local',
        'ldap': _ldap_config,
        'default': True

    'ldap': {
        'type': 'ldap',
        'title': 'TIFRH Dashbaord',
        'ldap': _ldap_config,
        'mapping': {
            'first_name': 'givenName',
            'last_name': 'sn',
            'email': 'mailhostID',
            'affiliation': 'deptCode',
            'phone': 'personalMobile'
        'trusted_email': True,
        'default_group_provider': True,
        'synced_fields': {'first_name', 'last_name', 'email', 'affiliation', 'phone'}

but after adding and restart the services. We will get “Internal Server Error” in browser.

Please help me to setup this.

That’s already installed by default when you install Indico! You should never have to run that yourself.

I do not see syntax errors in your config, but if you get an Internal Server Error (without indico formatting around it) something must be failing during early startup. The easiest way to find out what it is is trying to launch indico shell and see if you get an error there.