LaTeX and Book of Abstracts: Enhancement plans

While trying to add some more format control to the book of abstracts,
I found that this part probably could need some more overhaul:

  1. This part still seems to use MAKO templates
  2. The templates in general produce too much white space int the template, making it hard to read for humans
  3. The TeX code uses a mix of LaTeX and plain TeX mixed together
  4. It is unclear if all packages in the file are really used.
  5. Exporting a bundle (tex-file, images if any, fonts) for manual intervention would be a nice bonus.

Atre there already plans to to work on this area, I think at least with some parts I could try to create patches…

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Yep, one of the few parts of Indico where nobody felt like moving to Jinja yet. That’s why this stuff is still in indico/legacy/....

Generally we don’t really care about how the output from templates look like, since usually it’s only processed by a browser. In this particular case - especially once there is an option to download the LaTeX sourcecode for the BoA - we probably should care about it. Any idea if there are libraries that can reformat LaTeX code and clean it up? That’d be better than having hard-to-read templates just to have them generate pretty LaTeX source code.

Any examples? I’m not familiar enough with LaTeX to see the difference tbh.

Good question :wink:

Already planned for the future:

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