"Issues" of participant roles


I would like to point out some issues with the Indico treatment of conference participants with assigned roles.

  1. When a new role is added (in my case parallel session chairperson) and the list of people with this role is created manually in the Role setup by adding new users, these users appear unregistered in the event when viewed in the Participant Roles tab (grey symbol on the left). There is no way to change this, unless a user from this list is made Chairperson of the event (in the Settings tab). Only then this user is marked with blue symbol and a correct link to his registration form appears. This seems to be a “bug”. Additional minor issue is that there can be multiple links to his registration forms if this user was registered several times (and then deleted by the organizers).

  2. Yet again, in the Participant Roles tab the Conveners cannot be visualized, even if they are added previously in the Call for Abstracts tab by assigning their Roles. When the Filter is applied no Convener is visible.

I would appreciate if you comment on these issues.

Thanks a lot.

That seems to have been fixed in a very recent (9 days ago) update:

If this is urgent, you can always apply a hotfix, otherwise this will be included in Indico 3.0.

Thanks a lot for your indication, @pferreir!

BTW: I’m sorry for my late reply.