Is the Indico Platform the same as OJS Installation?

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I have a question about this platform. I came here because I need an event program system. I learned about this platform through another forum site, where it was recommended as a good open-access platform. The other community has ceased production and support for the OCS system.

I’ve been reading the Indico Website on how to install the platform. I tried searching through the search engine, but I’m having trouble understanding it myself.

I also installed Putty SSH to install Indico, but the problem is I’m a newbie at this, and I need to install it in a subdirectory because the main public_html is used for our website and other subdirectory sites.

Next, I downloaded the Indico-Master zip file. Is it possible to try installing this using localhost with XAMPP software, or do I need to go directly to the cPanel side using a subdirectory?

Can the installation of INDICO be similar to OJS, or does it require configuration through the server’s command line?

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what you are asking for is not possible. You cannot deploy it on a XAMPP setup, and it cannot be installed in the very legacy classic webapp way of uploading files to a folder. You must install the necessary packages and run the processes (uwsgi, celery) required by the Indico web application if you want to host your own Indico instance.

The best option would be to run Indico on a separate Virtual Machine, and use a subdomain (NOT a subdirectory). So if your real site is on or, you’d access Indico via or

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Can I directly run this in my webroot? or do I need to install this*uwsgi, celery)?

Yeah, I’ve done this. I use I need to upload the ‘indico-master’ to my webroot and proceed with the installation?

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Here is my VPS - Cpanel

Is it possible for Indico to operate within a cPanel with a subdomain?

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Here is the SS of indico;

How to install this?

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As I said before, it is NOT possible to deploy Indico in an environment where you have to “upload” files. You NEED shell access to deploy it.

A separate VM is the best and cleanest way of deploying Indico. No cpanel needed/advised there.

Alright, I have a Virtual Private Server with GoDaddy. What should I do first? After configuring the server and the website, you mentioned that I need to create a subdomain. I am done for it, but what I don’t understand is the way of installation of indico.

you mention that I need to do a Shell Access, which is a(command prompt) and the separate VM(What do you mean this? I am using a Virtual Private Server. can you please help me to elaborate.

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VM and VPS is pretty much the same, just different ways of calling it.

Not sure if you saw it, but be have a detailed install guide in our docs. This is pretty much a step-by-step guide on how to install Indico on a clean Linux system (Debian/Ubuntu for example).

NOTE: While this is a step-by-step guide, we assume people have at least a minimum of administration knowledge (and so does any hosting company that provides VPS’ with root shell access). It is your responsibility to keep such a system up to date (and secure), and generally taking backups is also your responsibility.

If this sounds all like technobabble/gibberish to you, another option could be paying someone to install (and possibly maintain) Indico for you. I know some former colleagues who recently launched a company providing services in that direction, and I’ll gladly provide you with their contact information if you’re interested.

I have created a subdomain on the WHM server and am now preparing to back up another website that is inside the VPS. Hope I can Install this indico;