Is it use plugin or OAuth for other site?


I am a beginner in web development. All I know is Python.
Also, I’m not good at English, so there may be duplicate topics.

I have an Indico site and my site(maybe django or flask or PyQtWebEngin).
What I want is that Indico users can use the same account on my site as well.
That is, I want to send Indico user information to my site When a indico user accesses my site.

So is it use plugin or OAuth or another solution?

Thank you for reading

Create an OAuth app in Indico (in the admin area); you can then use OAuth on your website to login using the existing Indico account.

  • Enable the read:user scope in the app settings and request it during OAuth authorization
  • Make an OAuth-authenticated request to https://yourindicohost/api/user/ in order to get information about the user

When setting up the app, Allowed authorization callback URLs are the site addresses to go to after login.
I understand. I was mistaken when I first saw that.

Thank you!