Is it possible to set a role for deleting events

Hi everyone,
Is it possible to add a role for deleting events?
in another word, is it possible to allow only the Indico admin or one of the event managers to delete the event and not allow others to delete the event?
I mean this menu below will be shown for only admin or one manager while other managers can’t see this menu or it is inactive for them.
Screenshot from 2023-04-02 23-23-52

because one of the event managers wanted to delete a paper but instead he deleted the entire event :sweat_smile:

But that’s already the case?! Only event managers (and thus including category managers and system admins) can delete events - others do not have access to any of these actions…

Yes, but I want only the admin can perform this action or one manager only (not all event managers) can delete the event

There’s no setting for this. But in case of an accidental deletion (even with our huge CERN userbase this is pretty rare, usually less than once a month) an event can easily be restored using indico event restore EVENTID on the command line.

Thank you so much for your help