Is it possible to Add and Assign Reviewers via backend(Indico Shell) or APIs

Hi there,

I’d like to clarify if it’s possible to assign or invite reviewers for a full paper peer review through the backend (Indico shell) or using APIs. If there is no direct method to add reviewers from the backend, what would be the best approach to manage the reviewers effectively?

Please advise?

Please guide me about this request. Thank you in advance.

It’s Sunday. You asked this question just 12h ago. On a Sunday. Bumping your thread so soon (on a sunday) is actually a great way to get an answer only during regular working hours.
Anyway you are lucky that I don’t want to have to remember to reply to thread tomorrow morning and that I’m nice, so:

  • There are no official APIs for this, you can check what the web frontend sends when you do those assignments and then see whether this is suitable for you or not.
  • indico shell can do pretty much everything. You have to read the code (look at the update_reviewing_roles function) and look at what’s done when assigning reviewers. Then you can replicate this in indico shell.
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I hope you have great weekend. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by asking question during the weekend, and I sincerely appreciate your kind response and willingness to assist.

Thank you for providing some guidance on the matter. Your suggestion to explore the web frontend and observe the data sent during assignments is insightful, and I will definitely look into it to see if it suits our requirements.

Once again, thank you for your valuable assistance and understanding.