Is it possible to access event registration data through http API


We had like to write an application that retrieves the information from the event registration? What are the possible options, apart from generating a CSV by clicking in Indico web interface. Ideally, it would be through the http API but according to ReadTheDocs documentation, it doesn’t seem possible to retrieve this information through the http API… Another option would be through the Python API but if I understood properly, it cannot be used on a machine other than the Indico server…

Thanks in advance for any hints.


Our Indico developer built an API for us which is on his GitHub

I don’t know how it works but hope it helps!

In the reports we built I had to combine the data from that with data from the core APIs, and it does get tricky sometimes, e.g. cross-matching non-registered contribution authors etc.

Thanks. Looks as a good basis!


I wanted to confirm that I’ve been able to install the plugin and that it works without problem, doing exactly what I was looking for. I’ve the feeling that the provided functionality may be useful to others and I was wondering if it would make sense to have it in PyPi like other plugins. It would even be greated to have it in indico-plugins…


I disagree with this part, this is something we should just add directly to the core.

Then I agree :grinning: :grinning: Even better !

For the record, the GitHub URL given by @kiden seems to contain some additional fixes to the upstream repository but is lacking the examples that can be found at