Integration with AzureAD (Enterprise Apps - SAML)

I’m from Brazil and I’m having some difficulty integrating an instance of Indico with my AzureAD structure.

I followed the SAML integration script from the documentation, but I’m having no success.

When restarting the services to apply the integration settings, Indico no longer opens with the error: Internal Server Error

Does anyone have a hunch or working configuration template?


Any reason for using SAML? I think AAD also supports OpenID-Connect which is MUCH more straightfoward to configure…

Anyway, if you get an Internal Server Error try running indico shell to see what goes wrong during initialization. Probably you have a syntax error in your indico.conf file…

Thanks @ThiefMaster

I was able to complete the integration with AzureAD.

The OpenID tip helped.

Below is what my indico.conf looked like in case anyone needs help in the future.