Insert image to registration form

Dear Indico Team,

How can we insert image to a registration form description? We tried with HTML code and Markdown, but it didn’t work.

Thank you,

unfortunately that’s currently not possible - once we find some time to get rid of the legacy angular stuff in the registration form we’ll support some formatting there.

not sure about images though - we had mostly inline things in mind (bold, italic, links, …).

any details on your usecase where you’d need images?

Dear ThiefMaster,

Thank you for your fast reply.

It’s just a small png in the description, I think it’s in a minimum level question. We try to solve it on another way.

Thank you!


Hey guys,

I’m running to the problem that I need to have an URL in the registration form. I know that this is not on the agenda right now, but what would be your advice to “hack” this into a regform?

I thought about a free text field and some custom JS that adds a click event listener… but then I’m only able to get the whole content, as I won’t be able to define tags inside the free text, right?


Hm, what about adding a custom URL field to the list of available fields? It might require more work but would be less “hacky” than what you are trying to do.

Sounds like something that might turn out problematic during a future update. Also, adding new fields with all the Angular mess isn’t trivial at all - so if you can inject JS via customization and do it based on custom content in a freetext field this sounds actually cleaner (even if it’s very hacky).
The hardest part is probably getting the JS to deal with the angular-generated markup since it’s not present at initial page load.

However, maybe a plugin to inject the JS would work as well and be less of a hack than using customization for it. You can check the cern_access plugin in indico/indico-plugins-cern on GitHub for an example of using a plugin to inject content to a registration form.


thanks for the help.

However, I followed the custom JS approach. For all others that might want to do something similar as a one time thing, here’s the hack (check out the field’s data-id by the inspector):

$(document).ready(function () {

 if (~$(location).attr('href').indexOf("event/65/registrations/74/") || ~$(location).attr('href').indexOf("event/65/manage/registration/74/")) {

    function addlink(selector) {
        var x = $(selector);
        if (x.length & x.parent().is("td")) {
            x.wrap("<a target='_blank' href=''></a>");
$(document).on('DOMSubtreeModified', function () {

nice hack :wink:

just one tip: there’s no point in doing $(location) - this is a plain JS object so you can just do location.href.